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Gayatri Jayaraman, the Beautiful Girl
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Interview - 2

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Gayathri Jayaram

By Moviebiz

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This dusky model turned actress made her debut in Manathai Thirudi Vittai in Tamil though the first film was Neela in Kannada. However, Gayathri became the hot n happening girl in Tamil cinema when she did that famous dance number Manjakkattu Maina... with Prabhu Deva. This cool and confident girl speaks to Excerpts:

Q: You were a good student and wanted to be a doctor. How did you enter the glamour world?

I always dreamt of becoming a doctor from the age of six (Smiles) and finished my 12th with high marks, but unfortunately could not get a medical seat. I joined college, but soon got a break as a compere in Vijay TV. Then I entered the Femina Miss India Contest and came fourth. In fact no South Indian was able to reach that position in the past or after that. Then I started modelling and my assignments took me to Bombay.

Q: When did you decide to join films?

A: After I had made a name for myself in modelling I got a call from Kannada director, Nagabharana to do a film Neela. Now Im sure that I want to be an actress for the next five years at least.

Q: So your first film was Neela?

A: Yes.Neela was an offbeat film directed by Nagabharana. The film got rave reviews and won a few awards. I played the central character of Neela, a tribal girl in the film. It was a great learning experience for me and it gave me a lot of scope for acting.

Q: Were you happy with your performance in Manathai Thirudi Vittai?

A: The critics did say that I had turned in a decent performance but my opinion is frankly, no. The truth is that a lot of people tell me that I have expressive eyes, but I didnt even know how to use my eyes while doing the film. I was also so awkward with the song and dance stuff. After months of practising Ive finally got the hang of the jhatkas now.

Q: Then it would have been tough working with the desi Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva?

A: Oh, Yes. It was real hard work for me. Looking back there were times when I felt like giving it all up, especially when I was treated quiet shabbily.

Q: But the grapevine had it that you were having an affair with Prabhu Deva?

A: That was the result of some peoples imagination running riot and the local press blew it up. I cant understand why they did this to an upcoming artist like me. In fact I feel that they should have been nicer to me as I am one of the few Tamil speaking heroines in the industry.

Q: Was your family supportive? What was their first reaction after seeing your film?

A: My family was vehemently opposed to me acting in films. When they saw me in the film, they were scandalised by my costumes and dance numbers. They have still not got over it. Being my first film I had no other option, but to accept the costumes they offered me. Being a newcomer I could not fight with my producer. Looking back I wouldnt do such mistakes in the future! I think Ive come a long way.

Q: After Manathai Thirudi Vittai why did you choose to do a Telugu film?

A: The film Aaduthu Paaduthu is a remake of a Malayalam hit. I freaked out on the original, though I could not follow the language. I knew that the subject was a tested one and my role was too good to reject. The film is a full length comedy and has shaped out well. My performance will be surely appreciated.

Q: With several established heroines around and a constant stream of new comers flooding the market, how do you view competition?

A: Each one of us is special. Theres work for everyone whether it is a Kushboo, Simran or a Trisha.

Q: Who is your favourite actress?

A: Many, but I admire Karishma Kapoor. She has earned her success. Shes worked hard on her looks, her characters as well as her acting. She deserves all that she has achieved.

Q: Whats new on your career front?

A: I am doing Sri with Surya and the film is directed by Pushpavasagan. I play the role of a ballet teacher. After that, Ill be doing a Malayalam film directed by Siddique. Right now Im not grabbing all the offers that come my way, but try to be choosy about the roles I do. My modelling assignments are keeping me busy at the moment.

Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A: (Shrieks) Im very ambitious, but my ambition is not restricted to just a number. If I start believing in numbers and that Im the best then Ill start losing out. I pray for a good life with the blessing of God.