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Gayatri Jayaraman, the Beautiful Girl
Chat Transcript

Transcripts of the chat with Gayathri Jayaram - April 1, 2002
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ram_sakpal asks Gayathri have u mail id ?can u give me ur mail id ? If u dont mind ! I want to just one mail you I haven s seen ur movies b coz I can t understand Tamil or south Indian languages but want to see u in the Hindi movie Could u act in hindi movie
Gayathri Jayaram says and thanks everyone for being with me for an hour. it was a pleasure! hope to see you soon again. take care and good luck

JackyKP asks You r the best looking girl in tamil cinema recently..congrats
Gayathri Jayaram says thanks ;)

pooh4life asks how do u react when everyone on the road recognises you? i heard you are mobbed by fans everywhere u go....not bad...u ve become so famous with just 2 movies! wow! how does it feel????!
Gayathri Jayaram says thanks a lot Poo! it feel great.

Prasanna asks Is there any clash with the co-artist (female actress esply)
Gayathri Jayaram says NOOOOOO. it s like a big happy family.
indrasis asks whos is your favourite hindi actor and actress
Gayathri Jayaram says the one and only Shah Rukh. and Kajol.
uma asks gayatri arent u going bonkers with so many people after u
Gayathri Jayaram says :-) it s fun chatting here!

jsenthil17777 asks Do u have good comical sese
Gayathri Jayaram says oh yeah. i have a very good sense of humour.
Prasanna asks Tell me about members of u r family yaar, every body is asking about u only?
Gayathri Jayaram says i answered this :

dhanasekar asks hi hello goodevening what s u r full & pet name
Gayathri Jayaram says Gayarti Jeyraman, and my pet name is G3

dounow asks what kind of movies do u like very selective or r there is some competition in kollywood
Gayathri Jayaram says hi ...i am very selective.
Prabu Deva asks You like songs? What latest song you like???
Gayathri Jayaram says i like O Podu from Gemini.
mill asks what would u do if death comes right in front of u???
Gayathri Jayaram says i d accept it. do i have a choice?
Karhtick_u asks How long you will be here in Chat?
Gayathri Jayaram says i am just going to stop...10 more minutes
satprince asks Is ur sister planning to act in future ?
Gayathri Jayaram says hi satprince! nope..she s a writer, and she s quite happy doing that.

archu asks if u were to be stranded on an island which one person wud u choose to be with you?
Gayathri Jayaram says with Richard Gere :-

jsenthil17777 asks what will u do for your fans, who really love you and who are really praying for your success...( I am one among them)
Gayathri Jayaram says i donno..apart from Thank you! what do u want me to do?

aryan asks hi its aryan , do u belive in love according to u what is a good defination of love?
Gayathri Jayaram says yes i beleive in love . the only love u give away is the only love u keep . keep that in mind !!!!

Prasanna asks Cool looking yaar, u will be always like that or only on occassions?
Gayathri Jayaram says i am ME! i don t change

crazy19 asks can u send a photo in which u have signed to me
Gayathri Jayaram says hi crazy! i can do that

sn2003 asks are you interested malayalam film
Gayathri Jayaram says yeah i am. i think i l be doing one hopefully

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