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Gayatri Jayaraman, the Beautiful Girl
Interview - 4

Interview: Gayathri Jayaram

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February 25, 2002

Gayathri Jayarams first film Manathai Thirudivittai was released for Diwali. The film had a lukewarm reception at the box office, but anyway she has signed four new films.

Q: Tell us something about yourself?

A: I was one among the top five in the Miss India contest. It helped me a lot to get mental strength to act in movies.

Q: How did you get the heroines role inManathai Thirudivittai?

A: I was doing a phone in programme in Vijay TV, when the producer of the film KRG,and Director Narayana Murthy saw me, and found me to be photogenic. Soon they signed me for the film.

Q: Are you comfortable in Cinema after being a TV anchor?

A: I am very comfortable in films, because there is more perfection here, as you can take as many retakes as possible and after Manathai Thirudivittai people recognised me more.

Q: What was the first scene that you shot forManathai Thirudivittai?

A: (Laughs) Actually the first scene that was shot on me was that, I had to say -I love you to Prabhu Deva.

Q: There are rumours about your involvement with Prabhu Deva?

A: There is nothing to it. Just because I am doing two films with him does not mean that I am in love with him! I have no fear about gossips, as it is part and parcel of this industry.

Q: If you were not an actress, what would you be doing?

A: I was a fairly good student, while in college. Maybe, I would go for medicine and become a physiotherapist.

Q: Tell us about your family?

A: I am very attached to my parents especially my mother, as she was the driving force behind me. My mother is my greatest supporter and critic.

Q: About future plans?

A: Everything is going smooth at the moment. I have signed a Telugu film opposite Srikanth.